2006 Winner   Mike Alesko was a driving force in the urban contemporary streetwear market. A pioneer in his own right, Alesko founded and created two of the industry's most successful brands, International News and Mecca USA. Established in 1983, International News quickly became a household name whose success later spawned the Mecca USA brand.

Officially retailed in the Spring of 1994, Mecca USA garnered tremendous success redefining the scope of modern streetwear fashion. To date, the Seattle-based International News has men's and women's streetwear lines.

Mike Alesko passed away in the spring of 1998 and left behind a legacy of achievements including International News, Mecca USA, Alphanumeric, Zebra Club, Brittania, Club 101 Jeanswear and Razzy. His staff is committed to carrying on his extraordinary legacy and his encouragement to young talent to learn and better themselves.

Alesko was devoted to educating and mentoring his young predecessors thus, his colleagues banded together to create the Mike Alesko Design Scholarship Fund to keep his vision alive. This nonprofit fund was designed to assist young aspiring apparel and graphic design students.
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